The new leader of Prada is also in the forefront of fashion

Speaking of Prada glasses, this is the standard for many stars to go out. Why is Prada glasses so hot, as a luxury, has been widely loved by everyone, is there any reason? As China, which is developing and taking off, should we also learn about people’s methods, research and research, understand the level of internationalization, and continuously learn and improve for future development. Such a famous brand has its own business strategy, so it will achieve such achievements, continue to grow and become a leader in the industry.
The founder of Prada, at first, was very prosperous. Gradually, his thoughts were outdated, and young people took the lead. The market did not have so much potential, which caused the trough of the Prada business. Fortunately, Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, appeared. She is also a new young person, so it is also very beneficial to the development of the cause.
The move of innovation is the driving force for the long-term development of the company. The new leader of Prada is also in the forefront of fashion, so it leads the company out of the trough and gradually moves towards a better future. If a company has a good foundation, it is necessary to look at her development strategy. The young leader is also a very capable generation, and her youth makes her fashion sense and design talents young. Not only the development of old things, but also the new fashion elements are worth learning.

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