Packing Your Gear For Travel Episode_008TPVG

When Traveling there is always a quandary on what and how much to take!!  In this podcast I am talking about what I am taking for an upcoming trip to Hawaii.  I tell you what I am taking and what I am NOT taking!  Tune in to get an idea of what you may or may want or may not want to take when you travel!

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What Is In Your Camera Bag? Episode 007TPVG

 So What is in your camera bag?  Well I will tell you what keep in my camera bag and why I keep it there.  I will tell you what lenses I use and why!  Check out the latest Podcast episode from the Photography & Video Guru!

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Understanding Color Spaces and File Formats_Episode 006TPVG

Understanding Color Spaces CAN be confusing.  In this Podcast episode we explore color spaces, bit depth and File formats!

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Evolving As A Photographer Episode 005TPVG

As photographers we all need to constantly improve, to reach further, to learn new skills.  Doing this pushes us to new heights with our photographic abilities.  Push yourself to those next levels!!

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The Sony A9 What All The Hubbub About Episode_004TPVG

Sony has recently been on the cutting edge of photographic cameras.  The New Sony A9 is NO exception.  In this episode of The Photography & Video Guru Podcast, we will talk about this camera.  Is it right for you?  Is this something you should consider buying?  Should Nikon and Canon Be worried?

An Interview With Harold Ross, An Expert At Light Sculpting_Episode 003TPVG

In this podcast episode we had the distinct pleasure talking with Harold Ross.  Harold is a 30 year veteran photographer who has perfected the Light Sculpting Photographic process.  We talk about his workshops and what you can expect to learn from his 3 day course.

If you haven't seen his work, IT is a MUST SEE!!!!

Check out some of Harold's work at:


How To Improve Your Photography Immediately – Episode 001TPVG

Episode 001 of the Photography & Video Guru Podcast

There are many things you can do to improve your photography, but one of the fastest way to improve things is to concentrate on your technique when taking a photograph to keep the photograph in focus and reduce camera shake.  Listen in to find out how you can take your photographs to the next level.

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